The brave little blikje that could


My little blikje took me all the way to Groningen and back for a short visit. I thought it would be scary to drive in the snow, but it turns out to be lots of fun! I really love driving, you need to be focused and relaxed at the same time, like meditation I suppose. It’s like this enormous dynamic puzzle that you keep solving over and over. Extreme weather conditions just add that extra bit of challenge. I loved it!

Groningen was like an old friend, and so were my old friends as a matter of fact 🙂 People I haven’t seen in months, some even years, and it’s great to find we still fall into the same familiar grooves. We still have the same sense of humor, and the same great interactions. Sharing jokes, amazing meals (Diner at cave oporto with marjan, brunch at Bonnie’s, Hotpot at Arnoud’s..) and err.. lots of booze 

So, great fun, great friends and great food, Yay!

 P2240_29-01-10 P2241_29-01-10 P1203_30-01-10 P1644[01]_31-01-10

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