It is the Pratchett that binds us


The other day I was singing the praises of audio books to a colleague who’s flying to the US this week. I offered her some of my Pratchett audio books for the 11hr flight. At the mention of the big TP one of the students sat up to smile and raise his thumbs to me. We immediately launched into elaborate nerdspeak until we became aware of the raised eyebrows around us.

It’s funny how a common sense of humor unites people, or maybe just weird people..

It’s the kind of feeling I get when someone yells “albatross!” or “she! she! she!, err, he! He!”. Or when the hotpot featured shrimp and one of my friends made the Zoidberg “Whobhboowoob”-sound.

Googling for graphic to go with this post I found this article from which I was sad to learn that Mr.. Pratchett is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I admit I’m a bit late in the discovery, since he announced it in 2007, but nonetheless. For some reason he has forged a special bond between all us weirdoes that like his books. That is amazing legacy to leave behind.

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One Response to It is the Pratchett that binds us

  1. Unknown says:

    Hij heeft meegewerkt aan een erg mooie en aangrijpende documentaire over zijn Alzheimer en zijn strijd daarmee.

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