In fighting off depression in this stupid cold weather and annoyance at  the stupid car people (grr) I have found an amazing remedy. It is not to watch Don Bluth’s beautiful version of ‘Thumbelina’ . I mean I’m really glad I finally found it, but it’s not the best thing to watch when you have a slight winter depression and dumped by someone you thought you’d marry.


A better thing to do is to get and watch the new stand up show by Dylan Moran. This is far more cynical and includes quotes like ‘the intelligence of raspberry jam’ , and makes me laugh. I’m wondering whether I prefer Eddie Izzard to Dylan Moran and I can’t decide. Izzard is more expressive, but Moran taps into my confusion and consequent anger with the world. Their sense of humor is equally absurd and rambling, and oddly comforting.. hm

Oh well.. 

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