R.I.P Blikje

P1314[01]_13-09-09It’s over, quite unexpectedly.

I found out the dudes who sold me the car err..  had taken me for a ride sot to speak. I got a citation for driving around without an APK-certificate. I was promised this certificate with my purchase, and had to come back several times for it. So I guess I got scammed, but that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is that I can’t get a new certificate for my Blikje because it’s rusted trough, which means.. which means..

Well it means that it’s over. No more blikje.

And it’s ridiculous because it finally drives properly and I’ve figured out how it works and and and..

Well it’s a tragedy, that’s what it is.

And now I have to commit the terrible betrayal of buying a new car as soon as possible. So I’m guiltily looking around on the interwebs in utter sadness. A friend sent me this and this because, as he says:

when unhappy, google for puppy 
it works, because of puppy

Perhaps this will work..

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