That’s why God made the movies

When I was little, we had a habit of renting (and later, buying) video’s from a bakery/ailing video store on our way home from school. I think we must’ve watched those video’s about a hundred times over, and me and my sisters still quote them to each other occasionally. Unfortunately, most of the titles were from obscure studio’s so finding digital versions is hard if not impossible. For years I have been looking for Don Bluth’s ‘Thumbellina,’, ‘We’re back’, ‘The land before time’, ‘The brave little toaster’,’A man called Sarge’ and some weird-ass movie about a talking horse.

For some reason, I find it extremely soothing to watch these movies, even though I know them by heart. That is why I was extremely happy to suddenly find three of the aforementioned titles online this week! Yay! I’m feeling better already.

I guess that’s why God made the movies..

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One Response to That’s why God made the movies

  1. Margriet says:

    WAAAH wat leuk!!! Vooral we\’re back kan ik me herinneren, dat stuk dat ie die hotdog opsnuift wist ik nog. lachen!

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