Happy Wii-day

peach-mario-fuck-love-sex Err.. I mean V day? Anyway, I am spending my Valentines day doing something fun, sexy and romantic.. Naked Wii! Yay!

It isn’t as pornographic as it sounds (this, however is). It’s just me and my sweetheart on the couch with a blanket and a bunch of Wii games. So far. the new Super Mario is a big hit. It’s just like the old days , only with twice as much frustration since running trough the level together inevitably means unintentionally shoving each other into the line of fire or unexpected ravines. I’ve also had a look at ‘Zelda, twilight princess’ which looks and feels pretty cool. I can’t wait to start riding around slashing stuff with my blade.

Still to come today are ‘Mario kart’, ‘Sonic’ and ‘Avatar’. What a day!

I keep thinking of this comic while playing Mario 😦

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