Name that car

autoI have found me a Suzuki alto of exactly the same year and build as Blikje with fewer km’s on the counter and a new APK certificate for a fair price. I’m going to try and pick her up tomorrow, and then she’s going to need some of blikje’s parts and some pimping before I can drive her.

The only thing missing is as good name. So far suggestions have included ‘Kidney’, ‘Mouse’, ‘Wistar’, ‘Balb-c’,’Pruttel’ and ’Trotski’. Neither of these really appeal to me, so if anyone can come up with something better, I’d be very much obliged.

Leave your suggestions in the comment section and name that car!

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2 Responses to Name that car

  1. Unknown says:

    Jammer dat Blikje het begeven heeft!Misschine kun je deze Blikje 2 noemen?

  2. Margriet says:

    Ik dacht aan "Bakje" in het kader van de opvolger van Blikje. Klinkt even schattig toch?

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