Always look on the bright side..

a9f6_knights_wfs_ni Since I haven’t had a huge amount of luck the last few.. err.. months, I’m revisiting the good ol’ Life of Brian for some motivation and encouragement.

And guess what?.. it works!

I felt so much better after watching the classic hermit scene (‘ow! my foot!’, priceless) and the mind bogglingly wonderful scene at Brian’s house (‘ we’re all individuals!’..’ I’m not’..’oh right, he isn’t). Looking for quotes I stumbled upon this page, which has transcripts of the best, if not all scenes in the film. I also read somewhere that Graham Chapman was drunk throughout the whole filming of the thing. Weird, but understandable I guess.

And then inevitably.. I ended up watching some Holy Grail clips as well and found this nifty (and pretty weird) ‘making of the Holy Grail’  which enjoyed immensely.

FYI: I want this shirt!

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One Response to Always look on the bright side..

  1. Flora says:

    The film Holy Grail is pretty boring, the galopping around for nothing.I can imagine that the makin of was much more funny.But for something completely different. can we get a pickture of the new BLIKJe

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