Feeling a bit like Frankenstein..


P1050_20-02-10It’s alive! Muhahah!! Or rather.. it can drive! yay!

Both cars have been taken apart and put back together again like life size jigsaws. My bf and his brother in law took my two lovely cares and made one great car. The brakes, the suspension, lights, a mirror, sound system, chairs.. err pretty much everything except the actual car and the plates was P1448[01]_20-02-10replaced in my new car so this way I’ll have part of P1049_20-02-10Blikje with me.
Blikje 2.0 is white and I’ve given her some nifty tribals on her booty, along with an original ‘ Blikje’ notation on het snout (still have to buy the 2.0 part). Also I’m still considering giving her a unique name. ‘Suzi Q’ and ‘Bakje’ are still in the race..

Tomorrow is the big test drive, when I drive up to Groningen to congratulate my dear friend Machteld with her birthday and her impending Bachelors degree (Yay Machteld! Proud of you!). It’ll be a great way to get to know my new Frankenstein car, wish me luck!

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