Know your meme

tldrI think this site is going to be more popular than Wikipedia. It helps you attain instant nerd-dom by explaining all the recent and older internet memes and phenomena. It’s pretty up to date and quite comprehensive and detailed.

For instance, did you know the now common ‘rickroll’ originated from the much older, and only slightly more bizarre ‘duckroll’ ?

So I’m learning new memes at full speed. I didn’t know about tl;dr (which is a VERY useful meme) and I finally understand all those weird ‘Ramirez’ jokes.

They even have little explanatory movies!

Gosh I can just feel my hmpgfhmph.. (censored, nsfw)

.. err… I mean, I’m such a nerd..

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2 Responses to Know your meme

  1. Melissa says:

    Ok, so for fear of sounding really out of it, guess I\’ve been living under…uhm…I mean on top of a little rock in the ocean called Aruba for too long, but: What the hell is a Meme?

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