‘Geez.. and I thought I was loud’

loudThis is something I often hear (directly or indirectly) when people meet me for the first time. Especially from people I like. I wonder why that is. I’m not especially bent on being loud or making myself heard/noticed. I’m just .. well .. me, I guess.

I mean, I’m sort of shy but I’m not going to allow myself to sit in a corner and wait for someone else to take responsibility for the social situation. Besides, when I have control over a social situation I can be sure the social situation is handled right. People get turns at talking and no one is left out and such.

Hmm that does sound a bit megalomanic doesn’t it?

Oh well..

On a less potentially psychopathological note; now you can be covered in bees! The lovely lady who made the cute graphic featured in today’s blog, Natalie Dee sells t-shirts that are covered in bees! Yay!

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