We did it!

P1722[02]_02-03-10To celebrate the first rays of sunshine my roommate and I went for a ride in the country. Just the two of us and our best four legged friends. It was especially exciting for me, since it was the first time back on Jelle since the whole kidney incident and my first time ever riding out in Holland without ‘supervision’. Me and Jelle were both nervous at first, but when I relaxed, so did Jelle, and then I could relax some more.. and by and by we would just wander through the budding forest enjoying the fresh air and the wonders around us.

P1713_02-03-10The funny thing about Jelle is that, instead of watching where he’s going, he tends to go where he’s watching. He becomes engrossed in something say, to the right and then wanders of in that direction. I’ve had to stop him several times to avoid ending up in a ditch. (He’s a lot like me in that respect).

I remember a time, not long ago that I would not think twice about taking a horse out, preferably ‘difficult’ horses at that, just to see what they could do. I would look for the struggle and hope for an escalation. Now I worry when Jelle goes from a walk to a trot when I don’t expect it. Am I getting old or just turning into a big woos? Maybe it’s the recent brush with mortality, but whatever it is, it’s bloody annoying!

Oh well.. we had a great time anyway.. we even managed a nice controlled canter through the woods, yay!

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