Hars and Corses*

I have a sneaking suspicion that my car is turning into a horse. Either that, or the horses are trying to assimilate her…P0929_05-03-10

When I park my car near the horses, they immediately start walking around nudging it.. they even seem to bring her hay sometimes! And this morning Jelle tried to prevent her from leaving. He just stood there in front of my car and refused to budge. Even when I honked and drove up really close to  him he gave no quarter. (Well, what do you expect, he’s not a quarter horse, har har)

P0934_05-03-10Anyway, he might just be a little concerned because half his herd is missing. We sold the mares and the foals two days ago. It was sad, but at least they got to stay together. The buyer was also interested in taking Jelle, but my landlords decided against it, bless them. We have just started reconnecting and it is turning out to be so rewarding for the both of us. Last night we just stood together at the fence and stared at the night.

Ah.. good times..                                                                                (*)

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