P1804_07-03-10 -Hey babe
Hi Hon.. did you go riding? How did it go?
-Err.. well, Well! it went well. It’s just.. I went for a bit of a lie down half way through.
You fell of. Didn’t we agree you wouldn’t do that?
-Yes, well.. I let him trot, lost my stirrup and the the saddle sagged. He was sort of shook up about the whole thing himself.
Are you ok?
– Well my butt hurts.. Are you coming over later?
Yeah, about that.. I was  thinking of heading straight home.
– But then I’ll have no one to massage my butt!
Yes, but think of it this way, neither will I..

Boyfriends with a sense of humor should be outlawed. :S

Anyway, I had a great ride, I even enjoyed the part of it that went a bit faster than intended. (Right up to the making-contact-with –the-ground bit),  So yay! And again! Going to do much much more of this.

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