Jellesnow1 Again with the snow! Seriously! It’s March! Cut it the f**** out!

In other words.. I found a snowy landscape outside my house this morning, AGAIN! As you might have derived from the above., I’m pretty much done with the whole ‘Ooh white snowy’-business, (although it did make the beautiful black horse that came up to greet me look stunning). –>

On a completely unrelated, but rather more funny note, I browsed ‘Oddly specific’ today and found interesting uses for octopi and discovered the hidden dangers of eyelashes.

Also, I thought up a particularly ZEN phrase this morning while driving to work. You see,

Life is much like driving in the snow; In an unwanted or unforeseen event, it is better to steer than to try to hit the brakes.


Eh? Pretty good huh?

I could be Confucius if I didn’t keep bumping into things..

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