Making_Money_Lipwig Gemini

You need to deal with your ambition today. It’s not all that hard, since you’ve got forward-thinking energy coursing through your mind, and you should be able to articulate your wishes well.

That’s my horoscope for today and it’s pretty accurate. Of course, this works like selective statistics; You remember the ones that fit and conveniently forget about all the times your horoscope predicted squids falling from the sky.

I’m afraid I’ve acquired an addiction to Pratchett audio books. I’m listening to ‘Making Money’ now while driving, analyzing data, taking care of the horses and even before I go to sleep. The main character just feels like a kindred spirit. He makes stuff work, not because He’s good at it, but because he’s not afraid to try. Something like that anyway. 

And the great news is ‘Going Postal’ ,the first book of the Moist von Lipwig series is going to be a movie!! And one of my favorite Coupling actors (Richard Coyle) is going to be Moist! (Seriously, who can forget Jeff and his sayings like ‘breasts!!’ and ‘I’ve got a wooden leg’)


Here’s an compilation of his best work.. enjoy, gotta fly!

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