My little car took us all the way to Dusseldorf, and than a plane took us to Stuttgart, where we took a bus to Tubingen. The weather had taken a turn for the sunny and we’ve enjoyed lots of that (scientists slumped on the lawn like dead bumblebees). And of course, there was lots of food at the conference, otherwise no one would come, would they?

We took a few walks around Tubingen (some most involving beer), and it is an absolutely adorable city. There are cobbles and slopes all over the place, which makes it look like a real life Efteling theme park (sans screaming, roller coasters and the smell of sugar everywhere) but NEVER wear heels to a scientists dinner party situated there. (don’t ask)

I’ve encountered many strange and wonderful people and generally had a great time, especially the driving to and from Germany, oh and the sitting in the sun with a big German beer.

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