Off with my head!

imageLast weekend I talked to a giant cat.

No I was not in wonderland.. I was in Groningen. And to be fair, the giant cat was more of a lady in a floppy cat suit (which was far more scary, trust me). They were protesters against animal testing and I thought I’d just go and talk to them.

The giant cat lady was pretty reasonable, but the normal-looking guy who had organized the protest was.. well… less inclined towards discussion. But by then I’d already given them my name..

So I thought I’d do my own bit of propaganda.

Please educate yourself here and here, and if you’re of the tl;dr persuasion, just read this (in Dutch).

And then please sign this petition.

It is high time we heard from educated people with real arguments instead of purely anthropomorphically driven, hypocrite folks (cat suit optional).

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