lolcats-funny-pictures-happy-pineapple“You’re blonde and you’re cute, so you get served first”  The man at the cash register rings up my sandwiches and gives me a smile. It’s amazing how something said so carelessly can brighten your day. And it wasn’t the first heartwarming thing said to me on this particular day. Other remarks include “You’re one of us”, by my landlord and something else to that extent by my landlady, which just wrapped me in a sense of warmth and belonging.

And it’s funny how this particular day, I really needed some positive stuff and it just gets provided by the wonderful people around me. My car broke down yesterday and the anwb man said it probably can’t be helped. It wasn’t exactly part of the service, but he drove me home anyway. Another thing to be grateful for. So right now, it either hasn’t sunk in, or the sweet positive happenings have turned my feeling sorry for myself to just feeling grateful. Much like a happy pineapple 🙂

Oh well..

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