ThinkGeek tickling my fancy

d201_broadsword_handle_umbrellaHow’s that for fighting the bad weather. Well the weather is great at the moment, but you know what I mean..

The caption on ThinkGeek says: ‘for rainy knights’ LOL! For you Japophiles and Trekkies, it also comes in a lightsabre and samurai sword version. It comes with a sheath and a shoulder strap 🙂

Also on ThinkGeek the coolest thing since toothpaste: the programmable tattoo! Ok, you have to get an implant of a ‘canvas’ first, but then the moodInq wand can be set to anything, even shopping lists! How cool is that? Do Want!

Other want-provoking items are: the artificial plant (soo cute, and probably the only plant that will live in my care) and the doodlecar.

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