Life lesson 1: get naked!

peize1I learned a bunch of things this weekend.

1. I can drive a stick shift successfully to Groningen by myself.

2. Being tailed by an Hyundai Santa Fe feels like being followed by a fat and angry ant.

3. There is no amount of glumness that can’t be cured by drinking with good friends.

4. If there is, it can be cured by going to a spa!

A dear friend and I had both taken a bit of an emotional battering over the last few days and felt a bit.. well I think ‘meuh‘ describes the state of mind best. After I’d decided too take the deal I was offered involving the stick shift, she’d proposed I come over for drinks and I thought; why the hell not? Great way to learn eh?. So that’s what we did. And then the next morning she offered me a day at the spa as an early birthday gift.

And it was great. Just walking around stark naked in the sun, using several sauna’s and especially having a hot stone massage just melted my worries away and helped me to think clearly. So yay for good friends, stick shifts and spa’s!.

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