More early birthday presents

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Through the web service of ‘Heerlijk Dinsdag’ I ended up at ‘t Schulten Hues yesterday with a good friend from Groningen. It was going to be my first Michelin star experience and I had all kinds of hopes and expectations. However, it just

blew    my    mind

Oh my God, I mean, I have some experience with good food, exquisite food even, but this just.. Well, I think it needs a whole new category of superlatives.

The perfect yet subtle interplay of flavors, structures and even temperatures was.. well lets just say I wished I had extra senses, just to take all of it in. I mean, who comes up with a combination of foie gras du canard, pumpkinseed oil and green apple and white grape sorbet, all neatly served in little cylinders? a9f6_knights_wfs_niOr horseradish ice cream in beetroot soup? Or serving chocolate mousse with a sprinkling of black olives? No wonder this guy has a star.

It was so amazing that it felt like a little birthday party all by itself,  and the feeling was attenuated by actually getting a present. My friend had gotten me the ‘Knights who until recently said Nih’ – shirt and just hadn’t been able to wait to give it to me

So yay and hurray! Action shots of me wearing the shirt will be posted soon.

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