Taking Stock


Yes, those are Saimin ramen noodles. A whole box of them in fact.

They are the food of champions! (well geeks mostly)

Anyway, I am stocking my office with provisions (not shown are: coffee, sugar, double cream, tea, sausages, yoghurt, snickers, muesli bars and instant tomato soup). I have a tendency to do this whenever I feel a large project coming on. I guess it’s because I want to finish two papers by the end of summer. So far I have lots of food and 8 pages of acceptable text. Let’s hope more of the food will go through this miraculous metamorphosis soon!

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One Response to Taking Stock

  1. Brandy says:

    yes, Ramen noodles are AWESOME! but the best are the spicy chicken cup-o-noodles!! 😀

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