Nerd, Nerder Nerdiest?

Why yes, I just got the latest ThinkGeek newsletter why do you ask?do_or_do_not

This must be the nerdiest shirt I have ever seen. And the weird thing is.. I’m kind of proud that I get the joke.

For all you non nerds out there, this is code (in one of the more basic ‘computer languages’) for ‘Do or do not, there is no try’, which is something Yoda is famous for saying. Oh and Yoda would be the little green dude in Star Wars. Also, we’re counting on you for propagation the species!

And to further impress on my Geekyness, I really had a hard time yesterday in choosing between sitting outside in the sun watching the horses and sitting behind my computer playing Dragonage .

Guess what won out..


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2 Responses to Nerd, Nerder Nerdiest?

  1. Flora says:


  2. Josien says:

    yup :S Hoe genant is dat? 🙂

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