A fresh start…. again

fresh start After switching from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome, shifting to a non-automatic car (hur hur) and trading prudishness for the insouciant nakedness of the sauna, I have taken this change thing one step further. For now  I am single and looking for a job that I love.

Telling my supervisor I was quitting the project was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but it feels amazing, like a huge weight has been lifted. And I’m really excited about how my life is going to turn out. Who needs all that planning anyway?

No job, no relationship, no worries right? (Or was that for no arms and legs? I forget..)

So mostly, yay! And possibly, Ieh! (for scary)

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One Response to A fresh start…. again

  1. Johan says:

    Hey Josien, ik denk dat ik je maar eens moet bellen. Volgende week ben ik weer in NL (nu druk bezig met safari, golf etc).Groetjes,Johan

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