Countdown to freedom

P1111[01]_17-05-10In more ways than one.. 🙂

It turns out I’m officially off these by the day I turn 28. Which is again a reason to celebrate. If you’re wondering why these look a bit funny; it’s because my physician is an idiot.

He suggested I follow some weird up/down regime where I take 30mg one day and skip the next and then take another 30mg and then skip two days. When I told him infrequent exposure to a drug leads to stronger dependence he laughed and said I was cute. So I took all my pills to the lab one afternoon and opened then up, weighed them and constructed a subtle sliding scale regime. And now it’s almost done.

I am just brimming with a weird sort of pride in this taking back control of my own mind and body. Yay me!

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One Response to Countdown to freedom

  1. Flora says:

    Als je maar zelf in control bent! goed zo da\’s al het halve werk.

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