No bridge too far


We did it again, my pretty horse and me. We crossed both bridges with a veritable minimal amount of problems. I was so proud! No bridge is too far for us eh? It was such an amazing day out today that I just had to go riding. Even if it does give me less time for party preparations. Speaking of my birthday, When Jelle and I were sauntering back home I thought: ‘ I really wouldn’t mind dying right now’. Which is a bit of a morbid though you might think, but to me it was a sign of complete happiness and acceptance. My life is so cool. I spent the morning teaching and the afternoon riding. I have wonderful people around me, a great party coming up and the sun is shining.

Ok, this is getting way too Zen and rice cakes, quick click here!

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One Response to No bridge too far

  1. Flora says:

    Wat een smal bruggetje geen wonder dat jelle dat even niet zag zitten, dat voorjaarsweer in Nederland is echt zo ongelooflijk mooihet ziet er zo fris uit en die lucht zo blauw, schitterend

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