Bloody Amazing Birthday (bab)

Well the pictures hardly does the real thing justice but there you go.

I cant even specify the moments I loved best. There was the campfire, there were the 10 kg’s of spareribs (which we finished btw, omgwtfbbq), there was the bartub and the champagne-moment in the deep night by the fire. And there was the communal breakfast in the sun. Oh and the pony rides. This was mostly because of GJ , who had never experienced a horse before. But after he’d had a feel and a ride, everyone else sort of cued up. It was so cool!

I slept at the campfire when everyone had retired to their tents and just felt the most blessed (and besooted) person in the world. Thanks everyone (also for the great prezzers!) but mostly just for being there.

Luvz!! (also argh.. for hangover)

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