A nerd from the start

I met with a very old friend yesterday. Not old in the beardy way tough.. I have just known him since I was tiny. We went to preschool together kind of thing.norman rockwell pirate

It was really great to reminisce, and it’s funny how your remember different things. He remembered how I once shocked his mother by eating a pancake ‘the pirate way’ (head first, no cutlery). I have absolutely no recollection of this, but it did spark a very fond and half-forgotten memory of my dad’s stories of how he used to be a pirate. He would tell the most gross stories about the pirate captain who had a hook and one eye. These stories were would be especially favorite during dinner when we would have contests in who grossed out last. A really special gem of a memory.

My friend turns out to have become a physicist and all round nerd. Our favorite web comics and memes linked (hut hur) seamlessly. He was also able to tell me that one of my other pals from way back when has also become a huge nerd.

It makes me wonder how that seed of nerdiness was inside us all along and how we were able to recognize it in each other. I mean, we hardly played with computers back then, let alone advanced calculus.

Oh well, it sort of gave me a peek at who I used to be, and who I’ve been all along. Very inspiring.

(oh, and WEIRD)

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3 Responses to A nerd from the start

  1. Flora says:

    Jij was toch de pirate prinses snottebel.Of was dat margriet?Volgens mij was de jongen van Papegaai ook een nurd in de dop.Daar was je ook heel bevriend mee.

  2. Josien says:

    Precies. Die is ook zwaar nerd geworden 🙂

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