Visual search

It is too bad that I’m quitting my research of the visual system. Our project was focused on visual search and Waldo would feature on most of my presentations.

I would have loved to play the featured vid at a conference 🙂

This guy is brilliant and has made more vids of this ilk. Check out Madeleine, Curious George and Mike Mulligan. Extreme kudo’s to Ryan Iverson, who made this.

He does it so well, a viewer even thought it was the real thing! LOL

@RyanIverson Thank u so much! His voice sounds very young there. Also (I might be wrong but) he sounds more German than usual. His about the most fascinating man of our time. mesto17 
@mesto17 "He" might sound younger and more German there because it’s not actually Herzog. That’s me doing my best Herzog impression, but as I’m much younger than he is and also not German, there are bound to be some differences in the way he and I sound. Sorry for the confusion! I have never met Mr. Herzog, but would sure like the chance. I agree he is one of our planet’s most fascinating individuals. RyanIverson
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