Small victories

SmallVictories-e1265057007692I got my matlab script to work! (after I thought I had fixed a few times earlier this week). Programming victories are like comics. They are really good, but its over very quickly. Wait.. I can think of another analog.. or was that digital? Never mind. So yay for programming victories, small and insignificant as they may be.

(Not mentioned here is the very clever little script I was very proud to have built yesterday, which refuses to work today)

Another victory is more pants-related. (yes that is a word)

I needed new jeans and I hate pants-shopping. Plus,  the pants in stores were too expensive anyway. Possibly because I did not want to spend much over 20E. So what’s a nerd to do? I consulted the intartubez and purchased a pair of brand-jeans for 10E. And the best thing is: They fit PERFECTLY.

I just love living at this day and age, where you don’t even have to speak to anyone and get anything you want as long as you have a computer hooked up to internet. Just at the push of a button. Wow. I really do live in magic land (and incidentally also control sandwich-monkey)

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