Mooh means mooh, a tribute to Kasi

|I had a Great Day today. It started out  wonderful because of the weather. It was so bright and warm today that you couldn’t help but feel amazing. There was the spontaneous Lunch of the Many Cheeses. And then there was the Plan to Grill a Large Piece of Meat on the Amazing Barbecue.

So we went out in the Mercedes convertible, to ask my favorite butcher for two pounds of beautiful steak. And the Saturday market provided us with the rest of the beautiful fresh ingredients for the perfect meal.

IMG00184-20100626-2139IMG00183-20100626-2139It was perfect. Everything about it. Gosh I should never forget how much I love food and how much I love cooking. And I should never forget Madame Janette’s Kasi’s secret recipe for perfect steak.

So yay for a perfect day, with perfect meat and perfect weather and all round happy perfectness!

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One Response to Mooh means mooh, a tribute to Kasi

  1. Flora says:

    Wat heerlijk allemaal , die steekvlam is ook heeeel indrukwekkend!

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