Toxic soup

toxic-soupJust like me to get the sniffles when the weather is the warmest we’ve ever had . And bad sniffles too (which means lots of sniffling and then some). So apart from buying a ventilator online (which hasn’t arrived yet, argh) and watching Billy Connoly I have decided to cure myself by way of soup. Toxic Soup

Which contains:
– two tins of peeled tomatoes
– one small tin of tomato puree
– three cloves of garlic
– one onion
– two tablespoons of chilli flakes
– salt, sugar and  vinegar
Cook for a bit and then use a blender to make the soup soupy.

This is guaranteed to open up your nose and activate the sore tissue at the back of your throat. Also, the garlic will sort of disinfect stuff and make sure no one will talk to you for the next two days, which gives you some peace and quiet.

Yay for toxic soup

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2 Responses to Toxic soup

  1. Edith says:

    Die ga ik ook proberen! Ik heb dezelfde problemen en zie ze graag opgelost!

  2. Flora says:

    Wij zijn het niet helemaal eens met die 3 cloves of garlic.Voor een beetje effect moeten dat er toch zeker 6 zijn.Of zijn het het grote verse?

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