A quick blog from the wide beyond. Not perfectly formatted today since I’m working on a Danish computer that asks whether I want to Fortryd or Sprog on a regular basis and I have no clue to what that means. Also, the keybøard is differænt.

My vacation  plans went from spontanious to not according to any plan. I was going to drive around in Germany with a beautiful man and end up in denmark eventually. After two days of bratwurst and beer the man got ill and we had to drive home. It was tehn that I decided I’d drive to Denmark myself. We were going to visit a dear friend of mine and my mom’s who owns a fishing lake near Gram and I really wanted to see her. Besides, I love driving and I still needed a vacation.

So after sending the beautiful man to bed I reloaded my stuff into my own car and took off.

And I did it! Without a functional navigational system too. Yay for me! I was so proud!

So now I’m relaxing by the lakeside and enjoying the wonderful company of Lady Kant and het husband Kees (we call him beauty case} in this ridiculously breathtaking country. See y’all soon!

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One Response to Denmark!

  1. Flora says:

    Dat keyboard in het Deens ik lach me dood!Ik zie dat je die ene foto in de tunnel rijdend hebt gemaakt Foei he pas op!Kussen voor lady kant en beauty case.

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