More adventures

tpa0299l I’m going to be so thin!

Why? Because I’m going to ride my bicycle everywhere for the next three weeks. Because my car is in France.

Ok.. I can tell this is going to need a bit more explanation.

I had a job interview in Strasbourg, so I drove there. And since I’m taking care of the farm I had to drive back the same day. Which was fine, I love driving and the countryside of southern Germany is absolutely breathtaking and you can drive as fast as you want. Yay!

Only on my way back after a really fun and interesting interview my car decided it would take up smoking. I tried to convince it to give up the habit, but apparently something was utterly and completely broken. So I had to wait for the French AAA (because they won’t allow the Dutch anwb on their highways) and ended up staying in a hotel in Sarreguemines (I have, so far not found anyone who can pronounce this).

My car will be sent home in about three weeks and I myself was rescued by a knight in shining Volvo who drove to the unpronounceable place in the middle of the night.

Oh well..

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2 Responses to More adventures

  1. Joke says:

    Niemand die zich ondertussen zorgen maakt over de arme dieren waar jij voor moest zorgen en waarvoor je dezelfde dag terug moest zijn?

  2. Josien says:

    Behalve ikzelf bedoel je? 🙂

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