Courage is not the absence of spider

I’ll never forget the day my dad taught me about facing my fears.We were at a carnival about to board a contraption called ‘the magic carpet’ and I was having serious second thoughts about the whole thing. He told me to board because I was scared. He said facing your fears gave you freedom.

Today I have a job interview. And that in and of itself is not that scary. The scary thing is that I have to take a shower.

And there is a HUGE spider in my shower.

I spotted it yesterday when I really needed a long relaxing shower. Needless to say it was neither long or relaxing. You try keeping one eye on a spider while you’re lathering up. And I kept my glasses on.

DSCF2482So today I decided to fight for freedom and the inalienable right to shower. To be honest I had considered calling in a man to do the job, but I thought : ‘ I have done so many things that are much more lethal than this’. I have driven 180km/h on the German autobahn, I have ridden a horse at full gallop (and cursing at it to stop), I’ve eaten unpasteurized cheese and raw fish. What is the worst that can happen ?

It could fall on me.. Ieh!

But I did it in the end, making all kinds of girly squealy noises. And here is the proud result
(thank heaven for my collection of empty body scrub jars, eh?).

I am so going to nail that interview.

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