Foto's-0004I went to Noorderzon last week and it was great as always.

This year I brought a newbie, my friend and ex-colleague Bart. He had never been to Groningen and the festival seemed like a good opportunity to introduce him to both.

It was Noorderzon’s 20th birthday, and visitors were given the opportunity to leave their congratulations in one of the mailboxes on the terrain. Of course I left my own memories and congratulations. I was superbly pleased when I found out the next day that they had put my card up on one of the boards!

Foto's-0005Yay! I am now officially part of Noorderzon!

Anyways, we had  a great time, although we were a bit shocked by Julie Muz’s crew..not quite what we expected, but fun all the same.

Until next year Noorderzon!

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