Go watch Terry

I applied for a job in Greece today. Why Greece? Well why the hell not? My favorite philosophers and food come from there anyway.

So I applied for a research job at the University of Athens on a really nifty project on Parkinson’s disease. When googling around on the subject of alphasynuclein, I stumbled upon some Alzheimers research involving the protein. And then I thought of my favorite author and his battle against his brain disease.

So I finally watched his documentary that had been waiting for me on my HD for some time now. It is even more impressive as I thought it would be. The mind that we all have shared glimpses of, that place where he spends such a lot of his time has suddenly become hostile and unpredictable. I can’t imagine how completely horrible that must be, I love my brain!

Oh well.. just go and watch it already

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One Response to Go watch Terry

  1. Mieke says:

    Zeg, als je nou gewoon richting mijn kant op komt… 🙂 Californie schijnt heel mooi te zijn hoor.

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