HORSE-AND-RIDER48h36waEver since my weird metaphysics-is-fun friend Erik suggested it, I have  been trying my hand (or rather my head) at meditation. I figured t would be easy for me just sitting still and shutting up.

Turns out; I suck at it. Sitting still is no problem barring the odd itch, but calming the raging stampede of thoughts that keep milling around in my head; not so much. (Seriously, you should see some of the stuff that goes on in there). So after a while I sort of gave up.

Recently I’ve been riding a lot and I’m finding out that riding is a lot like meditation. You have to be relaxed but focused, and really aware of your body and your thoughts. Since the horse takes most of its cues from you, you have to be aware of the kind of signals you are giving off.

Like today, when we passed a huge apple-picking vehicle. I felt Jelle tense up, and checked my body; also tense. I sat back, took a deep breath and loosened the reigns a bit. Hugely counterintuitive, but it worked perfectly! I was so proud.

So, although sitting cross-legged and yelling ‘oohhm’ may freak out most horses, riding and meditation go together great!

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