Rock chick fail


I auditioned for a band yesterday.

I got the mail at the last minute when I was already in my yammies and zebra slippers but I put on some pants (very crucial) and drove an hour to a very small village near Deventer.

(Actually my gps sent me to this dead end back road, but I got there eventually).

In retrospect it could have been a ruse by group of very smart ad hoc rapists, but no such luck. They actually were a band. And a very good band at that.

After a really fun session in which I got to sing some Janis Joplin and some good old fashioned CCR we all decided I was way to cute and nice for the type of music they played. Oh well.

I was really proud I wasn’t afraid to go and didn’t freak out when it turned out I wasn’t the girl for the job. I actually had fun!

Attitude win! Yay!

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