Deathly Derivative

Just watched the newest Harry Potter installment in the cinema. This is the only place I even watch these movies since I am decidedly NOT a fan.  I never read the books, and I never will

Ok, granted it’s not as unspeakably lame as the twilight saga, but it comes close.

And The Deathly Hallows delivered. It is a complete and utter Lord of the Rings rip-off. I really don’t understand how Rowling could even allow herself to write something so clearly derivative. And I suppose some credit goes to the director, who must have devised the overkill of ‘Frodo close-ups’  (we had them in the last lotr installment, hours on end of Elijahs meant-to-look –tormented-but mostly nauseous face’ ) and the Samwise moments with Ron.

Not to mention the Dobby and Kreacher characters and the extremely original dark artifact on a chain that makes you grumpy.

Oh and the cast is looking for three powerful objects that used to belong to the dark Lord (Death). Gotta catch them all. Maybe they should look for an original story first.. sheesh

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