I name this week..

18-02-2011 ARNHEM 12918-02-2011 ARNHEM 135

Interesting Week!

For some reason all the stuff I’ve been working, pondering and generally being weird about is sort of coming together this week.

Job interviews all over the country (2 in one week??) on mind bogglingly cool research , mail about even more job-opportunities in far away lands, on possibly even cooler research (honestly.. I’m not sure which is cooler)… I’ll not even speak of Valentine’s day, which was a complete pink blur (possibly to do with whiskey, I forget).

But my greatest triumph was my performance at the theatre yesterday. Well.. greatest.. it was only open mic night.. but still. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for so long. My way, by myself, my songs the way I wanted to do them.

And it was great! I got lots of positive feedback, and some laughs at the most unexpected moments. A great learning experience and a great growing moment.

Who cares that my car broke down afterward and we almost got the horses on the road in the middle of the night. I feel great!!

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