My fav movies otm

I’ve been having some time on my hands lately and instead of doing something useful, I watched some movies.

This means I get to bore you with reviews! Yay!


First off: Tangled, Disney’s twist on the old ‘Rapunzel fairytale. It’s pretty too look at, funny and the music really sticks in your mind. It gets you hopping and enthusiastic. Loved it! Watch it!

Gullivers Travels

Next: Gullivers Travels. I waited some time before watching this, because I didn’t quite see a modern day version of the story (especially with Jack Black) really work. And then I found out who’s in it.  Roy!, Roy from the IT crowd! And Billy Connoly! And Catherine Tate! That they are made second to the minor funny of Jack Black is sort of annoying, but overall pretty amusing.


Then: Megamind. Which, of course has Will Ferrel, which already makes it a winner from the off. But it also has some new ideas and a lot of funny jokes. So definitely one to watch.


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