Dragon Age II !


Yay! It’s here! The sequel to Dragon Age! I heard about it during a fancy dinner at a friends’ house (from one of the more junior guests naturally) and I couldn’t wait to get beck to Ferelden and my character Thadra.

Thadra_545As it turns out, Dragon Age II does not allow you to play your beautiful buffed up, modified , specialized character but instead forces you to choose a simple class and sex and that’s about it. It does however, and commendably so, import your savegames  from Dragon Age I and the decisions you made there.

This is a good thing, since it would be kind of weird to suddenly see people you’ve had executed, or find the wrong ruler on the throne you’ve so carefully saved for said ruler.

So It’s a new female warrior for me, and so far I am greatly enjoying the special attacks (slicing through a line of enemies with one swing, yay!). Maybe I’ll forgo the magecraft this time..

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