Look! Hobbits!


So it appears that it’s really going to happen. ‘The Hobbit’ is finally going to be Peter Jacksoned. And these are the guys who are going to be walking around on photo shopped short legs and large hairy slippers.

Martin Freeman is an interesting choice for Bilbo, but then again.. who can resist that mischievous baby face? What a career though.. getting to play Arthur Dent and Bilbo Baggins? Wow.

I wonder what they’re going to decide on accents though. Elves, dwarfs and hobbits invariably end up with slightly Irish or Scottish accents. In Dragonage, al Dalish are Irish (which is weird because I’ve never seen them drink).

Just once.. wouldn’t it be nice to see a elf or dwarf with an Indian or Bostonian accent? Come on Mr Jackson!

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