Not so very mice

I have always preferred rats to mice, they are usually a better and more intact model and they don’t bite as much. You can build a relationship with them. Mice suck, or rather bite and are dumb to boot.

But I have worked with mice, and used to be the one who got called in to catch them if they got loose.

So why do I sit in my bed wide eyed and trembling when I hear squeaking?

It’s probably my bad conscience for putting out poison for them. I’ve never heard a mouse make so much noise. And I was afraid to go out and look.

The next morning I found out anyway.


I’ve killed it, in a way that would never get through any ethical committee. The sounds it made in its death throes kept me awake all night. Also, there’s mouse droppings in my bed.


Well, I guess that’s karma for you..

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2 Responses to Not so very mice

  1. Flora says:

    oh shit! in your bed!

  2. Josien says:

    quite literally I’m afraid..

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