Falling in love again

You know how it is.. after the breakup.. when all you have left of your loved one is a little paper that says ‘demolished’. When you think you can never love again. That anything after this can only be a meager substitute..

And then your new partner turns out to be stronger, safer and more beautiful than all the others. And most importantly: Red. I just can’t help thinking of that episode of ‘Perfect Strangers’

‘Cousin Cousin! I found it! I found the car of my dreams!’
”And what is it Balki, that makes you think this is the car of your dreams?”
’It’s RED!’

My Misuibishi LancerSo today I transferred my garish blue dragon seat covers to my pretty red Lancer and took my first pleasure ride along the dyke (not a lesbian) blasting ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’  on the speakers.

Absolute bliss..

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2 Responses to Falling in love again

  1. Your blog should be added to homeopathic remedies lists the world over….
    It never fails to make me smile or laugh out loud in front of my computer. Thanks Peen (English for Pien and, yes, this info is useless to anyone who doesn’t get it…)
    Made my night again… memo to me.. don’t watch The Sin Eater before going to bed, read sisters blog instead… 🙂
    Nice car by the way 🙂 Having mine done up at my local garage next week while in Paris wid ze friends. When I get back I’m taking it on a trip back to France again…first time for me, feeling veeery brave, almost as brave as you 🙂 Did put in the new screen wiper and new backdoor meself though!

  2. josienie says:

    Ah.. too much praise. But I’ll take it!
    I have never repaired anything on my own car, I take it to the shop to have the lights replaced for heaven’s sake! Hah! Who’s the tough one now?
    By all means.. drive to Paris! It is so much fun to drive trough southern Germany. I got the Clio making speeds up to 180 km/h on those long downhill slopes 🙂

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