A perfect morning song

I’m working on a long term project, collecting the best morning songs. You know, those songs that make your morning happy and sunny no matter what time or the weather.  And I just found another addition!

Rob Thomas’ ‘Getting Late’ is sweet, fun  and relaxed. Perfect!

So far, I haven’t collected enough for a cd, but I’m getting there. A sneak peek at the list going from muzzy to wakeful in 8 songs:

1- Anchored in You (Shawn Mullins)
2- Better Together (Jack Johnson)
3- Getting Late (Rob Thomas)
4- The Obvious Child (Paul Simon)
5- I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)
6- When will my life begin (Tangled soundtrack)
7-  Something that I want (Grace Potter)
8-  Wonderwoman (Leaf)

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2 Responses to A perfect morning song

  1. Flora says:

    Gezellige deun wel!

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