Never Mind

talk_to_hoofI just came back from yet another great ride with my Jelle in the lovely forest surrounding Landgoed Loenen. He’s so responsive and strong and so easy to work with when he has his day. He can stand still beautifully for brushing and tacking up.

But when I try to mount..

I really don’t understand it. I’ve tried everything and he knows what I want from him. And as soon as I’m mounted he’s fine.

Sometimes I wish I could just Mindspeak him, like in Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar books. Just to be able to tell him that it’s much less annoying for him if he stands still. And so that he can tell me what’s bothering or scaring him when he fidgets.

I wonder whether riders would really want to know what their mounts are thinking. I mean, what  if it turns out your horse hates your guts, or or abhors the rides you thought he enjoyed so much.

Or worse..if he thinks that you look fat and silly in your riding outfit.

Oh well, I guess it’s good not to know some things.

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One Response to Never Mind

  1. bart says:

    I have the same problem brushing my son’s teeth. Except he actually does know what “stand still!” means, he just doesn’t listen…

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