An addition to my addictions!

tab_explosionWhat is it this time?

Well, after being obsessed with reading, watching series, playing videogames, surfing the intarwebs  and of course science it was only natural that I fell something that combines all of these.

I have stumbled upon an amazing website called A quite comprehensive wiki discussing anything from literature to tv-shows to comics. ‘Tropes’ are narrative devices that show up in all types of stories, giving you a link between your favorite book, comic and tv-show! Using terms like ‘Chekhov’s gun’ , ‘Asspull’ or ‘Magnetic Plot Device’ which entries make for interesting reads all by themselves.

Check out, for instance what TVtropes made of The Lord of the Rings’. From there you usually just keep on clicking. It really is that captivating!

Update: While looking for a suitable graphic I came upon xkcd’s plight with tvtropes.  I should have knows they already knew about this Smile Funny though. I typed in ‘addiction’ in their search engine and came upon the featured comic .

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